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What We Do

Roundel Legal Costs Solicitors take pride in the advice that we give and the work we undertake. We pride ourselves on our delivery and protecting our clients’ interests is very important to us.


Whether it is preparing an accurate Precedent H document and advising on any updates to the Budget that may be required, or risk assessing at the end of the case to ensure a reasonable recovery, you can trust in us to act in your best interests.


We are not afraid to run cases to Court, where appropriate, to get a fair result. But similarly, we do not advise you to run cases where the litigation risks make it uneconomic to do so.


We also pride ourselves on being an equitable costs company and therefore we do our very best to keep our costs to a minimum and be reasonable in our charges.


Our dedicated team can work with you to envisage the likely future costs, and can clearly spell out the assumptions should the worst happen and the case takes a different path.


Roundel costs can assist substantially in relation to both costs case management and costs recovery.

Our Areas of Expertise

We have extensive experience in relation to costs with regard to a whole range of areas of law. Some of the areas with regards to costs that we practice in are as follows:


• Commercial law

• Clinical Negligence

• Personal Injury

• Professional Negligence.

• Historic Sexual Abuse.

• Property Disputes.


• Family law.

• Solicitor/ Own client disputes.

• Common law disputes.​

What We Can Do For You

'Roundel provide me with a complete costs service from the moment the case settles to receipt of costs.  Their knowledge and efficiency is far superior to previous costs draftsmen that I have used in the past'

Ian Pears

HCB Park Woodfine LLP

We are able to deal with any area of a costs claim or dispute in the appropriate manner.


Some of the work that we undertake are as follows.

• Preparing N260’s/ Statements for Trial

• Preparing Bills of Costs

• Negotiations in relation to costs

• Advice on any costs issue, to include retainers and other aspects.

• Preparing Precedent H Costs Budgets.

• Advising in relation to Costs Management.

• Undertaking negotiations on Precedent H Costs Budgets.

• Advocacy be that at Detailed Assessment or at a CCMC hearing.

• Preparation of Points of Dispute.

• Challenges to Bills of Costs, paying party objections.

• Drafting Replies to Points of Dispute.

• Setting matters down for Provisional and Detailed Assessment.

However, it is our pride and ethos in obtaining the best result or undertaking the best work possible that is the defining issue from our clients’ perspective. In addition to that, we charge reasonable amounts for our work and try and keep our fees to be proportionate to the issues.

As part of our provision of our excellent and personal service to you we guarantee free collection and delivery of all files from your office to ours and back upon satisfactory completion of the work.

Costs advice you can take to the bank

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